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The beautiful @ambersostomy has sent us an honest review on what she thought of our new swimwear range😍 • “Since undergoing ostomy surgery aged 17, when it comes to holidaying (or anything pool related), I’ve never chosen to wear ostomy specific swimwear as I’d rather have my bag on display in a normal bikini. • However, Aura Clothing’s new swimwear range has completely transformed my perspective in this field. It really is like magic, I’ve never felt so comfortable or confident in an item of swimwear. It fits like a glove, is incredibly comfortable, stretchy and flattering with the purpose built in ostomy pocket ensuring that the stoma bag is kept away from the skin and held in securely while camouflaging any lumps and bumps without restricting the stoma and its functioning – how does this even work?! Magic! Not to mention the style of the garments, they’re completely on trend and there is something for everyone – plain, patterned, one piece, 2 piece, fitted, floaty, busty, non-busty - you name it. I was completely taken back, some of these styles I’d never pick for myself or my body shape but, when trying them on, I absolutely loved them all so much so that I struggled to pick a favourite. • I can sometimes struggle when it comes to sizing in particularly with swimwear, often leading to mix and matching sizes or even products to find a combination that works and fits me. Although this wasn’t the case with Aura swimwear. As previously mentioned, the materials are incredible and I fitted comfortably into my standard size in all of the garments with continuity throughout. Depending on what you’re looking for, they’re definitely true to size with ability to even size down because of this fabulous fit and material. Because of these reasons, the swimwear could be worn by anybody, not necessarily stoma patients only. • I am in awe of Aura clothing as a brand/company, its products, its purpose and its story. I’m so excited to pack some of these products and flaunt them on holiday this summer!” • #review #swimswear #ostomy #ostomates #ostomyswimwear #thinkfeelunique

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So @aura.clothing_ absolutely killed it again with these jeans! Jeans that are made for ostomates... it’s a dream come true 😭 Obviously you can wear them without having an Ostomy too! They have an inlay which helps conceal your ostomy without squishing it. At first I honestly thought “pfft, that won’t make a difference” but I was happily surprised! As you can see from the side by side comparison photo, #AuraJeans are superb! Much higher than other high street brands, the fabric legit feels luxury (because it is), they’re so soft, stretchy and comfy. They come in loads of different colours, I obviously chose ripped black jeans.. no surprise there 😉 The only downfall I can say is that they do run a bit small! I’ve gained a lot of weight since moving out and over the winter period (I’m hibernating, don’t judge) so it could be just me 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 So size up if you’re like me and you’re inbetween sizes! I honestly couldn’t recommend these jeans enough! You guys know me by now, I don’t lie.. I’m very truthful and I wouldn’t work with a brand or recommend anything that I don’t trust and fully believe in. They are worth every single penny.. So if you want to save some pennies (oh god my phone just autocorrected that to penis 🙈😂) then please use my code BETHANY20 🥰🥰 it’ll really help a girl out too, moving out is expensive 🙄😂 Thank you & thank you Aura Clothing for creating such beautiful and amazing products for Ostomates/people with scars etc & even healthy people (whatever they are 😉😂) LINK IN MY BIO 🥰 #auraclothing #arauclothingjeans #ostomyfashion #ostomyclothing

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